Waiting for Bojangles

2H 044M

2H 04M • COMEDY / DRAMA • 2021 • FRANCE

24th May 19:30 - Live
25th May 00:01 - 2nd June 11.59 Online
Charismatic French actor Romain Duris stars in this in this breezy, toe tapping adaption of Olivier Bourdeaut’s much loved novel

  24th May tbc - Live at The Roses Theatre

  25th May 00:01 - 2nd June 11.59 Online


Mad love has never lived up to its name so well….

Through the eyes of 10-year-old Gary, we experience the life of a crazy family, where adults have remained children and children become adults too quickly. Gary’s parents, Camille and Georges dance through life to their favourite song "Mr Bojangles", made popular by Nina Simone. They live a life of parties and fantasy, but the whirlwind must stop….and it does.  And when the music finally stops, Camille goes too far, forcing George and Gary to do everything to avoid the inevitable at all costs.

Romain Duris is well cast as George, whose infectious joie d’vivre, creates a life of pleasure, fantasy and friends, with Virginie Efira (Elle, Benedetta) in fine form as his troubled, unpredictable wife Camillie.

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The characters that these three giants of French cinema, Efira, Duris, and Gadebois, have created under the capable direction of Régis Roinsard infuse Olivier Bourdeaut’s beloved novel with such magic that the movie is set to become a long-lived treasure
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