Both Sides of The Blade

Dir: Claire Denis
Cast: Juliette Binoche, Vincent Lindon
Grégoire Colin,

1H 56M • DRAMA / ROMANCE • 2022 • FRANCE

3rd June 21:00 - Live
Juliette Binoche stars as the sharpest corner in a love triangle in this highly-charged romantic drama

  3rd June 21:00 - Live at Parabola Arts Centre

Both Sides of the Balde is a romantic drama, powered by magnificent performances by Juliette Binoche as Sara and Vincent London as Jean. When we meet Sara, a radio talk-show host, and Jean, a former rugby star with a criminal record, they are enjoying an idyllic seaside holiday, even after 10 years together, and they are just as tender when they return to her apartment overlooking the roofs of Paris. But then Sara happens to see François (Grégoire Colin) on her way to work. François, an entrepreneur, is an old flame: he introduced Sara to Jean originally. She is overwhelmed by the encounter, musing that ‘old loves never die’. But then Jean, out of work, struggling with his troubled teenage son, and effectively a kept man, reveals François has invited him to start a sports agency and make a new start. Soon a fierce love triangle is under way, with Sara’s unbridled desire disinterring the past and threatening everyone’s future. The legendary director Claire Denis sets the likeability and charisma of Binoche against the gruff but sensitive intensity of Lindon, and the result is a tense erotic thriller as well as an authentic portrait of a long relationship under pressure. The film, made during the Covid pandemic, is enhanced by its soundtrack, by the British indie band Tindersticks, and its cool photography of natural spaces and elegant interiors

French with English subtitles

F Rated

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Binoche, typically, is on commanding form, working once more with a film-maker who seems intuitively aware of how to harness her every glance or grimace
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